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Community Life

Caring is one of Zion Lutheran Church’s core values.  At the center of community life is the call for all the followers of Jesus Christ to be caring people.  We all live in an often impersonal world.  The hope that the Zion faith community has is that we will be a safe, welcoming and caring “third place for you.”  What do we mean by “third place?”  Our homes and work are the first and second “places” where we spend our time.  The “third place” is where meaning and purpose is grounded in God and in a deepening relationship with Jesus Christ.  The “third place,” or local faith community is also where you are cared for and called to care for others.

You are invited into this community of faith, where pastors and members of Zion are here to care for you in all of life’s challenges.  You are needed here at Zion, to bring your gifts, care and love for others who are in need.

That is what community life as a faith community is about:  receiving when we are in need of God’s love and sharing the love we have been given when others are in need.