Worship Service and Prayers for Healing

Come and join us for worship with prayers for healing included in our regular worship services the weekend of July 28 and 29. “The order for healing is an expression in worship of the church’s ministry of healing. Here, all who sense the need for God’s healing in any aspect of their lives may join in prayer for others and themselves. Here, each person may come to receive a word of blessing and prayer. Here, each one may also receive a physical gesture of healing: the laying on of hands, which may be accompanied by anointing with oil. These signs, first given in baptism, tell us again that we are sealed by the Holy Spirit and marked forever with the cross of Christ, who is health and salvation for the world.” ELW page 276. If there is a need for healing for yourself, or a loved one, please come for prayer and anointing. We will have members of our prayer team with a pastor to provide an opportunity for prayer.