New Bible Study Begins January 20

It seems that every verse found in the three Epistles of John contains a pearl, a reminder of what it means to be Christian. Questions are answered such as “Who is God…what is love?“ People have asked these questions for thousands of years; they were being asked in John’s day and they are being asked today. It seems especially important that we refresh our souls by reading how John answered. He believed and preached that the answers were found in Jesus. He focused on using two simple words that define Christian life and permeate the actions of those who believe: love and truth. These epistles are full of insight and direction along with warnings and encouragement based on those two words. John wrote the letters to the churches he loved in order to help them remain fast in faith and to avoid the teachings of false believers. His writing is inspired, convicted, confident, and clear. John presents a compelling picture of Jesus so we see who God is, what love is…and he does it in three short Epistles.
Join Pastor Dixie Johnson as she facilitates this study by Michael LeFebvre, Thursdays Jan 20-Feb 24 at 11 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Study guide is available for purchase at the front desk.