Blessing Bus Bash!

BIG NEWS! It’s a drive-in celebration especially for kids and families! Mark your calendars for the Blessing Bus Bash, from 6:30-7:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 6. It’s short, fun, safe and encouraging! We follow all social distancing and COVID hygiene practices, including social distancing and wearing masks. Cars enter the parking lot on Third Avenue. Kids will receive a worship bag, and “ushers” will direct you to parking spots in front of our (semi-trailer) worship space. The celebration will be broadcast on 91.7 FM so you can stay safely in your cars to participate!

Pieces of the celebration will be familiar to our VBS participants, but all kids and families will enjoy the songs, skits, and other standard drive-in activities like honking horns! A bathroom will be open, and we’ll have a safe “stretch break” area where parents can take their kids to get out their wiggles, if needed. Questions? Contact Ann Campbell at or Lee Neitge at