A Study of the Book of Psalms

It has been said that the Book of Psalms is the most read book in the Bible, because it appears to be straightforward, uncomplicated and shows in a clear way many familiar emotions. Yet, when one wants to study this nourishing and nurturing book, one soon discovers that there are choices on how to approach it. For instance, the Psalms can be studied one at a time or in chronological order; they can be studied by looking at each of five sections called books; or, they can be studied by genre. Most Psalms fit into a genre such as Lament, Praise, or Thanksgiving. These genres reveal recurring patterns, flow of thought, and even themes. Studying the Psalms by genre leads to greater insight as to why this book is so inspiring and favored. Come to this study led by Pastor Dixie Johnson and be introduced to the uniqueness of these genres in this six week class starting Thursday, April 25, from 1-2:30 p.m. A sign-up sheet is available at the front desk. Books for the study are also available for $10.