Evangelism at Zion


“Inviting others into a welcoming community where God’s Grace is shared, and faith is deepened.” – Mission Statement of Zion’s Evangelism Committee

Evangelism at Zion

Evangelism is defined as “the spreading of the Christian gospel by public preaching or personal witness.”

Each weekend at Zion Lutheran Church the Holy Gospel is read and preached on by one of Zion’s pastors. Messages, musical interpretations of scripture and shared personal stories of faith are examples of how the Gospel is spread each week during worship, Sunday morning learning time and small group experiences.

Zion’s Evangelism committee meets monthly to discuss and seek out ways to proclaim the Gospel to those in our immediate communities and beyond. Minutes from these meetings are available below and in the Document Center of the website.

Members of the committee are: Randy Korus, Chair, Janis Korus, Jamie Gaboury, Anders Lindberg, Heather Rule, Bill Travis, Pam Travis, Steve Will, Pastor Connie Tiede, and Pastor Brent Campbell.

For more information about Evangelism at Zion, contact Randy Korus at: rkorus@cyberexmarketing.com.