A Faith Milestone
Life Events

Holy Baptism

In Biblical days, stones were placed along a road to help mark a journey. As families of faith, it’s important to mark our faith journey, too! We do this by naming important events in our faith journeys called Faith Milestones and equipping ourselves for these events, blessing the participants, and giving a symbol of remembrance for future reflection! Baptism is one of our Faith Milestones. Commanded by Jesus, Holy Baptism is one of two Sacraments in the Lutheran Church. Through Baptism, we receive the gift of faith and the promise of God’s Spirit within us. A gift Bible and candle accompany each baptism.

If you are seeking baptism, we ask that you attend a baptism class. We have classes throughout the year that are held at 12 p.m. in the Library where we introduce you to baptism, talk about the day of baptism, and discuss how we partner with you as we grow in faith together.

Contact Pastor Connie Tiede for information on the next baptism class, or to talk to a pastor about baptism.