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Here in your time of need.
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Funerals at Zion and at Funeral Homes

Zion pastors officiate at funerals at Zion and at local funeral homes. Funerals at Zion in the main sanctuary or chapel are generally Monday-Friday, at either 11:00 am or 1:00 pm. Funeral lunches can be arranged following the 11:00 am service and are held in the fellowship hall. Cake and coffee can be arranged following the 1:00 pm service. Weekend funerals are generally held at local funeral homes, given the challenge of coordinating the service at Zion around weddings, weekend worship and weekend Church events. Before you confirm a day and service time with the funeral home, please call the Church office. You can request a specific Zion pastor to officiate at the funeral, but their availability will depend on schedules. All Zion pastors officiate regularly at funerals.

Here in Your Time of Need

The Zion Lutheran faith community is here for you in your time of need. If a loved one is close to death or has died, please call the Church office at 763-421-4656. During normal Church hours the receptionist can connect you with the pastor that is on call and they will respond to your immediate needs.

In the evening, overnight or on weekends, call the main Church office number, 763-421-4656, and our answering service will pick up. If they ask if it is an emergency, please say yes and ask to speak to the on call pastor. They will connect you directly to the on call pastor’s cell phone. When you call for the answering service, you may be put on a short hold until they connect you to the pastor.

Jackie Pipenhagen - Zion Lutheran Church Anoka

Jackie Pipenhagen, Funeral Coordinator

Sandy Steinbring - Zion Lutheran Church Anoka

Sandy Steinbring, Funeral Coordinator

Zion Grief Groups

Zion hosts a monthly grief group. You are invited to be a part of this grief group, it is open to members and non-members of the congregation. For more information, contact Pastor Sue Wallager at the Church office. Phone: 763-421-4656.

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