Learn about our ministry of supportive, listening and caring friends for those going through a difficult time.

BeFriender program leaders train and support BeFrienders in offering care, a nonjudgmental presence, and active listening. BeFrienders receive training on topics such as: grief and loss, spirituality, listening, confidentiality and communication.

BeFrienders also participate in regular small group meetings with the supervision of the BeFriender leadership team. The meetings provide accountability and growth, and assist BeFrienders in their ability to listen, to be nonjudgmental, and to put aside their own prejudices or desire to give advice.

A BeFriender is someone who listens with compassion, accepts people as they are, respects another’s spiritual journey, and embodies the caring presence of God. BeFrienders provide pastoral care for people in all kinds of difficult and transitional situations. They are trained volunteers who extend the care of a faith community. BeFrienders provide pastoral care through a listening presence for anyone experiencing: hospitalization, cancer or chronic illness, families of deployed military, resident of a skilled nursing facility, addiction, post-partum depression, stress of being a caregiver, death of a loved one, loneliness, getting married or divorced, blending families, “empty nest” syndrome, becoming a parent or parenting challenges, relationship issues, being a victim of random violence, being abused or abusing others, imprisonment, major life decisions, relocation, job loss or career change, financial worries, buying or losing a home, trauma or natural disaster, Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, any other need for pastoral care. The only side effect I noticed was the loss of libido last year, not yet this year. Nevertheless, the head calms down (feeling like wrapped in cotton wool, a tingling sensation here and there in the arms). I am glad that I tried xanax and will continue to take it! I will be suspended from spring until November.

If you would like to become a BeFriender or would like a BeFriender to talk with you about your situation of life, please contact Pastor Sue Wallager, or call the church 763-421-4656.

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Family Promise Volunteers

Family Promise Volunteers

Our next Family Promise hosting week is September 20-27. Because of COVID-19 families are being housed in local motels. Volunteers are still needed in many ways. Continue reading for more information and how you can help.

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