Music clothes the Word of God with sound and also reinforces its message with meaning beyond the realm of words. It communicates with our souls as a metaphysical force. – Paul S. Jones | Author: Singing and Making Music, Issues in Church Music Today

Music at Zion

Music is an integral and vital part of the life and worship experience at Zion Lutheran church. A long and rich history of strong programs in music and the arts has developed a deep appreciation within the congregation for understanding the power of music as a beautifully unique and passionate language for shared expressions of faith, thanksgiving and praise. People looking for ways to become involved in Zion’s music program are invited to explore these diverse opportunities.

Choir Opportunities

People of all ages and musical abilities are welcome! 

Adult Choir (18+) meets Wednesday evenings during the program year at 7:00 p.m. Contact Jonathan Campbell at for more information.

Ringmasters Bell Choir (Ages 18+) Meets Wednesday evenings during the program year at 6:00 p.m. Contact Michael Hiatt at: for more information.

Other Music Opportunities

If you love music and love to share your musical talents with others, there is a place for you at Zion! 

Worship Team Member: help lead music at our 11 a.m. blended worship service.

Solo or Small Group Ensembles: Participate during weekend worship services, Christmas Choral Worship or other Festive Sunday worship services.


Dr. Jonathan Campbell, Director of Music and Worship

Stephanie Heiberg
Zion Choir
Stephanie Heiberg
Zion Holtkamp Organ
Stephanie Heiberg
Stephanie Heiberg
Stephanie Heiberg
Anna Loe

Zion Music News – Announcements & Events

Zion’s Music Ministry

Zion’s Music Ministry

You’re invited to become part of our Music Ministry, all ages, singers & instrumentalists! Contact Dr. Jon Campbell, Director of Music & Worship for more information.