Camp Wapo Registration, Zion Scholarship and Bus Information

Even though the March 15 registration deadline has passed, there may still be spots open during the weeks that Zion youth will be at camp. Contact Camp Wapo directly at

Zion youth will be at Camp Wapo the following weeks:

June 16-21

Youth Camp (Completed grades 4-8)

Confirmation Camp (Completed grade 8)

High School Program (Completed grades 9-12)

Servant Leadership Program (Completed grades 9-12)

June 14-16

Seeds (Completed grades 1-3)

Zion Scholarship and Return Bus Information

For those who registered for Camp Wapo by March 15th, the Zion scholarship has been applied to your Camp Wapo account. We encourage you to log into Camp Wapo’s system using the following link and pay any remaining balances.

There will be a bus available to bring week-long campers from Camp Wapo back to Zion on Friday, June 21. The bus will pick us up from Camp Wapo at 1 p.m. and we should arrive back at Zion by 2:30-2:45 p.m. The return time depends on traffic and if we experience any delays. The cost for the bus is $10 and you can register with the following link:

Camp Wapo Bus Registration

Camp Wapo has requested that we don’t transport campers at the start of the week as it helps their check-in process to have parents present. (Please note that there will be no transportation provided to or from Camp Wapo for Seeds Weekend.)

Contact Pastor Mike, 763-506-8120 for more information or any questions