Akin Park in Anoka is located where the Rum River and the Mississippi flow together. That’s where Zion hosted “meet and greets” in June, July and August for people who live in the neighborhoods around Zion. The number of people attending these gatherings has been increasing. Was it due to the friendly atmosphere, the beautiful environment, the delicious free ice cream, or the lively conversations? Who knows, except that there is plenty to like about spending a beautiful summer evening that way. Thanks to all the Zion people who came, several of them commented on how wonderful it was to get to know each other better!  Of the neighborhood people who showed up, the age range was 1 month to 90+ years and about a half dozen dogs! Also, the first woman to be on Anoka’s City Council (in 1950’s/1960’s) was there – as well as a new candidate for Anoka City Council.

“I can’t thank you enough for showing up. It’s not the same without you.”– James Taylor



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