Our Habitat/Zion work project this year was held August 23-27 at a house rehab in New Hope. We were limited to 8 construction volunteers this year because of COVID but we also had 11 food volunteers who kept the workers well fed. We also worked with Tony, Habitat’s Site Supervisor, his helper Roger, a neighbor, Stu, from down the street and Sam, an AmeriCorp volunteer. Our work for the week consisted of working in the basement removing old tile, painting, installing laminate flooring, doors and trim and a new handrail. Upstairs we finished sanding a bedroom floor and put two coats of varnish on hardwood floors throughout the house. Trim and kitchen cabinets were also installed. Food was provided by Zion volunteers as well as purchased with money from a $250 Thrivent Action Team Grant. Thank you Zion for helping make this project a success!


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