Heartfelt thanks to the many construction volunteers and food volunteers who helped on our Habitat For Humanity project in Coon Rapids this past week.  It was a labor of love for our community.

This year Zion volunteers helped in the rehab of a house at 10111 Palm St. in Coon Rapids.  We began the week with devotions led by Pastor Brent from Psalm 90 where the Psalmist calls on God to prosper the work of our hands. That our hands are the only hands that God has in this world.

Many volunteers came to help on multiple days which made the project go so much smoother. We had 6 volunteers who helped by contributing food and preparing it.  Some of our food was purchased using funds from an Action Team grant provided by Thrivent.

Our main assignment for the week was to complete the installation of the sheet rock and then to move on to installing corner bead and mudding and taping sheet rock seams and corners throughout the house.  Most days saw lower humidity so the sheet rock compound dried overnight, and we could do some sanding of the seams the next day. By Friday the walls were looking pretty good.

In addition to this assignment some of our volunteers took on the task of trimming and removing overgrown lilac bushes in the front and side yard.  Many loads of branches were hauled to the Anoka Country Compost site where several of Zion’s members helped cover the cost of disposal.

Habitat has not selected a family to buy this house yet, but hopefully that will occur soon.

Hats off to all the volunteers that spent the week doing a job that was necessary, but messy and a lot of hard work!


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