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Zion Lutheran Church Anoka, Minnesota

Position Description: Livestream Technician

Reports to: Pastor of Children, Youth, and Family
Status: 7 – 8 (non-exempt)

Purpose of Position: Responsible for managing, setting up, and running the livestream and livestream audio for Zion’s services.

Position Responsibilities:

1. Prepares the service templates in OBS Studios for each service that will be livestreamed at Zion.
2. Runs the livestream, cameras, and livestream audio at each of the livestreamed services at Zion.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

  1. Experience in basic camera and audio operations would be recommended.
  2. Skilled at operating a computer and willing to learn new programs.
  3. Able to multitask operating livestream scenes, adjusting cameras, and making periodic
    audio adjustments.

Core Competencies:

Collegiality: Ability to work in a collegial environment, both with fellow staff members
and with leaders of the congregation. Leads creatively, working to figure out the process necessary to get things done in a collaborative way. Recognizes when situations or colleagues are not working well and seeks a positive solution. Creates and communicates vision and direction for the team, the staff members, and for the good of the congregation’s mission.
Interpersonal: Demonstrates the ability to lead others. Demonstrates skills in active listening and openly accepts criticism. Constantly works to resolve interpersonal conflict that does arise in a collegial environment. Holds others accountable in a spirit of love. Engages all staff and members of the congregation positively with a demeanor of optimism and care.
Spiritual: Tends to their own personal faith. If a member of the congregation is regular in worship, seeks a way to participate in faith growth opportunities and a way to care and serve through the congregation’s ministries. If not a member, seeks these same opportunities in their home congregation. In their own prayer life, remembers the ministries of the congregation and members who are in need. Models and develops humility, openness, accountability, and servant leadership in all roles, with colleagues and members of the congregation.
Process: Works with colleagues and leaders of the congregation to regularly access the health of ministry areas and mission initiatives. Seeks new and creative solutions to process challenges in the daily, weekly, and monthly flow of the congregation’s life.
Leadership: Understands his/her own strengths for ministry and continues to develop these skills. Open to coaching from the lead in their area so that strengths can grow and deepen. Leaders in ministry areas will work to delegate and so empower colleagues so they develop personally and professionally. Initiates the scheduling of needed meetings for projects. Schedules the one-on-one meetings with members of your team according to the agreed on staffing model.
Communication: Serves as the champion for communication in their ministry or mission value area. Works ahead in the preparation of communication to tell the story of the opportunities for members to be a part of the ministry or mission area. Takes the initiative in making sure events are scheduled, the calendar is correct and that the details for the event area communicated both with the congregation and colleagues.

APPLY NOW: 2021 Livestream Tech Application

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