CYF Ministries Sponsors Children Through LPGM

CYF ministries is sponsoring two children through Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry! They are Srimathi (age 7) and Dinesh (age 9). Srimathi lives and studies at the Siloam Boarding Home in Thirukoilure, India. Siloam is the largest of the boarding homes owned and operated in southern India by the Arcot Lutheran Church, an Indian, Dalit-led church body. Siloam serves 700 girls in grades 1-12. Dinesh lives and studies at the Saron Boarding Home in Tiruvannamalai, India, which serves 300 boys in grades 1-12. We are able to support their room, board and education for just $30/month per child. If you would like to help our children and youth sponsor these two children, you can give donations to Zion Lutheran and indicate LPGM/Project India Education on the envelope. To give online click on the GIVE TODAY button at the top of this page.