Nicaragua – What Our Partnership Means to Us

Over the summer, Zion sent a delegation of 6 youth and 2 adults on a trip to the country of Nicaragua. The goal of this trip was to renew our relationship with the Nicaraguan Lutheran Church of Faith and Hope, Iglesia Luterana de Nicaragua, or ILFE. During the trip, we were able to visit many different communities supported by ILFE and how those communities interact and support each other. It was truly an eye-opening experience for all youth on the trip.

The families in the communities were very welcoming, caring, hospitable, and took great joy in providing all that they had for us and asking for nothing in return. It was incredibly difficult to accept what they had to offer knowing that the communities have so little to give. Each community we visited is self-sustaining. They grow their own crops, and all that they grow is for the community. If they have extra, they sell it to purchase needed materials for their lives. The past few years, they have been experiencing drought during their rainy season, so it’s been increasingly harder for them to grow crops, yet, they keep researching and finding new ways to be creative but also eco-friendly. It was an unforgettable experience and a partnership Zion plans to continue in the future. ▉

Nicaragua 3 - Zion Lutheran Church




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