This past July, 11 men headed north to Jellicoe, Ontario to spend a week fishing at Pasha Lake Cabins. The ages of the men attending ranged from 20 years to 83 years.

Each morning, we prepared our breakfasts, somedays pancakes made with wild blueberries, as well as packed our lunches for a day on the water. When we returned to camp, we cleaned the fish we caught, eating them for dinner three times during the week. In the evenings, we spent time as a group and closed each night with devotions led by Zion’s Visitation Minister, Ken Johnson.

A total of 784 fish were caught with the youngest member of the group, Jaron Aragon catching 209. The average number of fish caught by each person was 71 (58 without Jaron’s). Ken Johnson caught his first fish in 70 years, a 19 inch walleye! Jaron caught the largest walleye at 26.5” which was about a 7 pound fish. Jaron also caught a 30” pike. We were glad the US Air Force let Jaron have leave in order to attend this retreat with his dad and grandpa. Everyone was able to fill their limit of 4 walleyes to bring home.

We had a great trip, Thanks be to God there were no issues and we all returned safely.



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