Pastor Norm Berg has served as a Visitation Pastor at Zion since 1997-over 23 years! This past year he continued in this role as a volunteer.
During his years at Zion, Pastor Norm has made thousands of hospital, nursing home and home communion visits and conducted hundreds of funerals and many weddings. His humor, grace, compassion and faithfulness have been such gifts to us at Zion. Although Pastor Norm will be retiring from this role, he will remain an active member of our congregation. Pastor Norm was recognized at the beginning of the 9 a.m. drive-in worship service on Sunday, July 12.

A Note from Pastor Norm:

The Gratitude Attitude
Zion is continuing to teach me to be a grateful person. Right now I am particularly grateful for members of the congregation who have forgiven and trusted me over the past 23 years. I am grateful for a staff that accepts me with my deficiencies, idiosyncrasies, and occasional flares of competency. I am grateful to Zion for providing fine sermons, excellent music, and great opportunities for learning and for service. In addition, of course, I am grateful to the Lord of the Church who guides and directs Zion into a promising and bold future. I feel privileged to be able to continue as an active supporter and contributor to the life of this congregation.
Thank you for honking, or at least thinking of me, as I retired from the pastoral staff. All your cards, comments, and gifts will continue to bless me and hopefully serve God’s purposes for a long time to come. I look forward to a continuation of our friendships and fellowship opportunities for years to come.
Zion member, Norm Berg

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