Acts: The Revolution of Faith

Our last small group study for the program year is “Acts:  The Revolution of Faith” by Randy Frazee. In the book of Acts, we see God’s church growing and taking shape—setting itself apart from the culture of hatred and excess surrounding it and becoming a revolution of hope to a broken world. Today, we are writing the last chapter of Acts in our own lives…

In this six-week Bible study, bestselling author and pastor Randy Frazee will guide us through this “revolution of faith.” We’ll trace the unlikely growth of the movement, as recorded in the book of Acts, from a marginalized man in Nazareth (Jesus), to twelve marginalized men from Galilee (the disciples), to the regions of Judea and Samaria, and ultimately to the ends of the earth—encompassing some 2.4 billion followers of Jesus today.

Below is the schedule:

  • Week of April 8: Here’s the Church
  • Week of April 15: Sticks and Stones
  • Week of April 22: Saints Among Us
  • Week of April 29: The Power of Grace
  • Week of May 6: Elephant or Virus
  • Week of May 13: Cry Uncle


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