Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Anoka 2018!

“Are you man enough?” That’s one of the taglines for “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes”, an “international men’s march to stop rape, sexual assault, and gender violence.” 

On Saturday, May 19 a lot of guys and girls (including police officers and construction workers) young and old walked in high heels in Anoka’s 3rd annual Walk a Mile in her Shoes-2018. Zion Anoka had a team show up to do the walk and was among 600 other participants from the area. Before the event, Anoka County’s finest spoke out to raise awareness about these serious issues that, unfortunately, happen here, too. The Sheriff boldly declared this a time when such events as this can “change the course of history” so that someday no more little girls and boys will have to grow up witnessing or becoming victims or perpetrators themselves. Many men in our community are catching on to the importance of this cause. Public statements and demonstrations can give a victim courage to take a step toward leaving his or her abuser, help someone recognize that his or her sibling or friend is abused and reach out, or help a victim realize that what he or she is experiencing is abuse.  

All proceeds from the “Walk” will go to the Alexandra House which provides domestic and sexual violence purposes. 

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes - Zion Anoka 2018

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes - Zion Anoka 2018


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