Eripoto and Dr. Msinjili’s Safe Houses

Zion Foundation Awards a Grant to Help Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry (LPGM)
About Zion Foundation
In 2023 the Zion Foundation received a grant request from LPGM on behalf of their partners, Eripoto for Girls & Women and Dr. Msinjili’s Safe House to help cover a portion of school fees and daily needs for several girls living in their safe houses. The Zion Foundation awarded $3000 to help cover school fees and incidentals from toothpaste to mattresses!

Eripoto for Girls and Women

Established in 2022, ERIPOTO for Girls and Women is a registered non-government organization (NGO) in Tanzania. In the Maasai language, ERIPOTO means safety and security. The organization was established to address the gross inequalities, discrimination, and injustice from birth to death facing many girls and women in Tanzania.

ERIPOTO provides a safe house for girls at risk of early forced pregnancy, child marriage, and other gender-based injustices. At the same time, it allows them to pursue an education and vocational training, encouraging them to thrive as independent women. ERIPOTO has proven results of decreasing the region’s school drop-out, early marriage, and early pregnancy rates. At the same time, it’s empowering women of all ages as they learn that they have rights and can dream big dreams for themselves and their children. Currently, 13 young women and two toddlers (born out of forced marriages) are finding refuge and restoration at ERIPOTO’s safe house.

new mattresses at Eripoto’s safe house

Zion Foundation’s grant to LPGM helped fund needs for girls escaping from forced early marriage and other gender-based violence, such as these new mattresses at Eripoto’s safe house.

Eripoto’s safe house

Girls finding refuge in Eripoto’s safe house perform a dance for visitors from LPGM.

Lutheran Partners In Global Mission
Safe House Girls Zion Lutheran Foundation
Young women who’ve escaped early forced marriage and other gender-based violence and their children find safety and security at Eripoto’s safe house.

Dr. Msinjili’s Safe House

Currently, 53 girls are being served by Dr. Msinjili’s safe house. Since the school was founded in 1995, more than 650 girls have graduated, with more than 300 of these girls going on to institutions of higher learning. Today’s graduates now work in their communities contributing in the fields of education, business, tourism, community development, and health care.

Dr. Msinjili has a heart for Maasai girls. Girls who find refuge in his safehouse, which he runs and helps fund out of his retirement, come from backgrounds similar to those who find ERIPOTO’s. With donor support, they are enrolled in quality schools as they invest in themselves and their futures.

Dr. Msinjili with Kipok Higher Secondary School girls
Dr. Seth Msinjili (far right) and girls from Kipok Higher Secondary School
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