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Grants by The Zion Foundation

Grants are awarded by the Zion Foundation each year to four mission areas. Grant recipients include Zion’s ministries, programs, and local and global organizations. The four mission areas are:

  • Youth Development and Education
  • National and Global Missions
  • Local Causes
  • Lutheran Legacy.

In 2023, $62,000 was awarded in grants. Please find below information about the recent recipients of Zion Foundation Grants.

Mobility Worldwide - Zion Foundation grants In action

Mobility Worldwide

An organization of volunteers founded in 1984 works tirelessly to help people lead productive lives. Mobility Worldwide is an international, faith-based organization that creates hand-powered carts and distributes mobility aids to over 40 countries. So far, the organization has provided over 100,000 carts to people in need of transportation in difficult environments.