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Zion Foundation Awards a Grant to Help a Twin Cities Organization Make a Difference
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According to the World Health Organization, over 70 million people have lost full use of their lower extremities due to accidents, disease, explosions or birth defects. They reside in impoverished and/or developing countries which are lacking the infrastructure and related resources to support them.

There is a volunteer organization founded in 1984 that works tirelessly to help provide people with a means to lead productive lives. Mobility Worldwide is an international faith-based volunteer-powered organization that manufactures hand-powered carts. They also reservice and distribute a variety of mobility aids to over 40 countries. To date, the national organization has provided over 100,000 carts to people in need of transportation in difficult environments.

Last year, the Zion Foundation received a request for a grant to help address this problem. Vern Silvernale, a member of Zion and a volunteer with Mobility Worldwide, submitted a grant request on behalf of the organization. The Zion Foundation awarded a grant of $2,000.

The donation from the Zion Foundation helps fund a Mobility Worldwide shop right here in Minneapolis. Last year the Twin Cities operation manufactured, assembled and shipped its 2,000th cart.

Mobility Worldwide

A Pathway Toward Better Lives

The carts provided by Mobility Worldwide literally lift their recipients out of the mud and place them on a pathway toward better lives. Once again, gainful employment becomes possible for cart recipients. Family income increases, and the hopes and dreams facilitated by such resources become more optimistic. Self-esteem, the sense of pride and dignity among recipients and their loved ones increase. With the dedication of the hardworking volunteer staff plus funds donated by Zion Foundation and others, recipients go about their daily lives with more independence than they ever had before.

If you would like to find out more about Mobility Worldwide and how you could help further this worthwhile mission, visit their website: If you would like to learn more about the Zion Foundation and it’s work in our community visit: Zion Foundation.

Video: In Their Own Words
Hear from the recipients of the mobility carts how they have been impacted.